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Make Online Shopping Wonderfully Human

Connect with Customers, Increase Conversion & Reduce Returns! 


Using Shopify? 

Download VClerk directly for

the Shopify App Store.

Increase trust and make sure your customers make a purchase they love.

Share your product catalogue and offer your customers face to face choosing support via video! 


Give your customers access to a sales assistant from the comfort of their homes by offering face to face advice on product choices, additional product recommendations, and help shoppers “add to cart” to complete the full customer journey. Regardless of your industry; good service and “closing the sale” make up the magic that drives revenue, minimizes returns and, most importantly, leaves you with happy and loyal customers.

Drive revenue, minimize returns and improve customer loyalty!



We would love to show you how VClerk works! Send us your contact details and query and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Become a Shopper

We are looking for secret shoppers to help during demo sessions with our customers. 

“Really, really great to be talking with people like this! Both the customers and I enjoy it a lot. Especially nowadays when you don’t get to meet anyone”

Lisen | Co-founder of AWAN






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