Connect with Customers 
Increase Conversion and 

Reduce Returns

Give your online customers access to a sales assistant. Give face to face advice on product choices, up sales and added sales, help with “add to cart”. Increase trust and make sure your customers make a purchase they love.
Using Shopify? 
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VClerk - Face 2 Face
Online Shopping

Offer your customers face to face choosing support! No matter what industry you are in - good service and closing sales is the magic that drives revenue, minimizes returns and gives you happy, loyal customers.

Quick Start

One Click and You're Ready to Talk to Your Customers!
No Investments
No startup costs
No big integrations
No downloads necessary
No risk - 30 days free trial
One Click Install
Your product catalogue
is automatically imported and
the VClerk Widget is automatically placed in your online store like a chat
So Easy to Use 
All you need is a computer with a camera: no mobile app, ​no props, no lighting, no staging and most importantly -
no retail outlet!

How VClerk Works


​VClerk appears like a chat box in your eCommerce store.

It is invisible when your VClerks are offline ​and can be made visible on certain pages only or for logged in users only.


VClerk widget opens up inside your store.


Here the VClerk will present products for the customers and answer questions they might have. They can both see each others actions within the widget as they switch between photos and items. The customer can also add to cart while in the call.


Search your product catalogue from the dashboard.


Search for recommendations and complimentary items to ensure up-sales and added sales. Show products and guide customers through their options. 


Create quality connections with your customers and increase conversion rates.

Help your customers navigate your store. Make the online shopping experience wonderfully human




per month

30 day free trial

1000 minutes

$0.025 per additional minute



per month

30 day free trial

3000 minutes

$0.015 per additional minute



per month

30 day free trial

10000 minutes

$0.015 per additional minute

Not using Shopify?
We can still install VClerk on your eCommerce site.
Contact us to learn more.

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