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VClerk is a product inspired by the challenges facing the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns have driven more and more people to purchase ever more products and services Online. This is on top of existing trends in improved connectivity and demographic shifts around the world.  


Younger generations live more of their lives online than ever before, using video as a way to connect with work, family or friends on a daily basis. And millions more are adapting to the reality of remote work, or video chats with family and friends rather than visits due to the global crisis we’re still living through.


While some rural, remote or underserved communities lack infrastructure or resources to leverage current technological advances, billions of people around the world are already benefiting from high-speed internet connectivity. And 5G hasn’t even hit yet. 

The evidence is there.  Existing trends towards connecting online via video have been exponentially increased over the past year.  Consumer behavior is changing.  The cat’s out of the bag. The proverbial pandora’s box is open. The toothpaste is out of the tube. There’s no going back. People love the convenience of shopping online, and being able to talk face to face with a human while doing so is here to stay.


That’s what VClerk is all about; making online shopping human. Not only can shoppers talk with merchants directly, but merchants can curate their products specifically for each shopper.  Show them exactly what they’re looking for, answer and ask questions, enable trust, encite a feeling of connection, all while increasing sales and reducing returns.



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Glenn Myklebust - CEO

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Mark Poulsen - CTO

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Hedda Høiness - CMO

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Christian Træland - CSO 

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