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4 VClerk tools that help you make a sale while on the call.

While video chatting with your customers it is important that your full attention is on the customer and their needs. However, there is nothing wrong with multi-tasking if it’s going to assist you in making the sale and even additional sales.

Check out these 4 VClerk Tools to "up" your sales/service game:

  1. Your search bar is your best friend. While answering your customers' questions and learning more about what they are looking for, start browsing your product library to find the product that matches their needs and have it ready before they ask you to look for something.

  2. Take notes. Your notes section is very helpful when you have a customer with very specific needs or looking for a product with a lot of details. Use it - might impress them when you end up finding the right product.

  3. Found the right product? Great! Now get that additional sale by suggesting a product that goes well with the product(s) in their cart. Reminder - you can see the item(s) they add to cart by clicking the shopping cart icon.

  4. Ask for their name and email address to send promo codes. That might just entice them to add more products to their cart.

These tools we designed to make the sales process easier and ensure your customer is being helped efficiently. Reach out if you have any feedback and suggestions to make new products that will assist us in our goal to making online shopping more human!

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