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Pointers you should think of before taking the call.

Updated: Jan 13

Video chatting with customers is the new trend to connecting with customers, so it's normal not to be familiar or comfortable right away. After your surroundings are set up, and you are just about ready to activate your VClerk, review the pointers below to prep your social cues before answering a call.

  1. Start off with a proper greeting like “good morning”, “good afternoon”, “good evening”, or comparable in your local language; it sets a positive tone for the rest of the call.

  2. Make sure when you answer the call to look at the camera not the screen. It may be difficult at first but it's like “mimicking eye-to-eye” contact which shows you are engaged and focused on the customer.

  3. Have a cup of water or coffee ready, it can help put you at ease and allows you to relax, cool off, and get ready for the day's calls.

  4. Speak slower than usual. There are times where you will get a customer who has poor internet connection, potentially causing the call to lag or get cut-off. Therefore, it's best to make sure to speak slower and more clearly so that the customer doesn't miss any details.

Now, you should be all set to connect with customers and make some sales!

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