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Ways to drive traffic to your VClerk

With Covid restricting our movements, video has become the “lifesaver”. We have been able to stay in touch with friends and family, keep working and do quite a lot of “business as usual” – but surprisingly, video has had a slow entry into the E-Commerce world. However, when we present VClerk – to either shoppers or merchants – most go; OMG this is so obvious, why hasn’t this service existed before now?! Right now most shoppers treat VClerk like they do a regular chat, they use it when they actually need advice. They still approach online shopping as a self serve tool - the difference when you have VClerk accessible is that they will actually get thee help they need - right away. This way you can ensure shoppers buy the right product every time, to increase your conversion and reduce returns!

Tip: First plan how you want to use VClerk:

  • Opening Hours: Just be online during your store’s regular working hours.

  • Specific time windows: Set aside a dedicated time of a few hours a few times a week, e.g. 6pm - 9pm, when your store’s traffic is usually high.

  • Event based: Create awareness of a product launch or sales campaign and have your team set up for that specific event.

So, how can you drive traffic to the VClerk? We thought about ways to familiarize customers with the service and make it easy for them to click the button. As you know you can tailor the VClerk button with pictures of your shop logo, yourself or your VClerks to personalize the tool. In addition we recommend that you tailor the messaging on the different pages to fit your product and your customers.

Another good start is to send out newsletters to promote the VClerk like you would other services in your online store – in these newsletters you can communicate opening hours or other offers related to VClerk shopping.

Examples We are live every day from 10 to 10! Call us and we will help you buy the perfect product! Shop with the designer/founder/me.

Want to meet the people behind our beautiful/unique products/services?

Call us on the VClerk today - get 10% off your purchase.

Call us on VClerk wearing one of our products and get 15% off your purchase.

Pilot Customer Sample Newsletter:

A great way to create awareness is to make a banner or a pop up notification on your home page prompting people to click the VClerk. This is a great place to communicate when you’ll be available. Below are examples of ads and SoMe posts we have made for our customers to give you some inspiration. You can also download our logos and symbol here for co-branding content.

Contact us if you want ideas or want to collaborate at marketing@vclerk.com!

Other examples of Co-Branding to drive traffic to your VClerk.

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