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VClerk Shopper FAQs

Updated: Jan 5

Online shopping is becoming extremely popular nowadays, so it's natural that innovative shopping tools are being developed to elevate the experience like (cough cough) VClerk’s video chat plugin. We are aware that this is a "new way" to shop, and as a shopper you may have questions like "why use VClerk?", "how do I use it?" and more.

As shoppers, we primarily shop online to save time and to be able to make a purchase from our sofa. Sounds appealing, right? Well, sometimes there are some hiccups that you can come across, like a cart filled with “maybes”, and questions like “what would my significant other like?”, “which is more popular?”, “is this good for winter?”, and “what's the shipping time?”. Then you have the other occasions when you order something and it just wasn't the right purchase and you have to go through the whole return process. These hiccups are the reasons why we built VClerk; to help you avoid the return process, the large carts, and to ease your decision process.

Check out some FAQs for the #VClerkShopper.

When should I call the VClerk? Anytime you want an elevated and personal shopping experience and of course, if you are unsure about any products or sizes, and want product recommendations. VClerk will connect you directly to the store’s expert. However, you will only be able to call if the #VClerkMerchant is online so keep an eye out for the VClerk button.

What do you mean by a store expert? By store experts we mean ACTUAL employees from the particular business. Not a VClerk trained expert.

Can I connect from my phone? Yes. You can connect from anywhere you decide to shop online. You will need access to the internet, of course.

Do I have to have my video on? No, absolutely not. However, we do recommend you turn it on, as it is proven you will have a more engaging conversation and have a more personal shopping experience.

If you have any more questions about VClerk don't hesitate to contact us at info@vclerk.com.

We hope you enjoy this new way of online shopping!

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