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Give your online customers face to face access to a sales assistant!

Why are conversion rates for in-store shopping 7x higher than online? 

Because customers have access to people that can help them answer their questions, give advice on how to solve their problem or even just help them find something.  Now, you have the power to do that from anywhere!

Ensure that your customers make a purchase they’ll love, increase conversion rates and reduce returns ! 

How does VClerk work, exactly?


VClerk is a combination of a Widget and a Dashboard.  The VClerk Widget sits on your store site just like any other chat bot would.  The VClerk dashboard is the portal connecting you to your customer and your products. From here you will connect the calls, control the conversation and manage your statistics. Below we will explain the features VClerk offers and how it will help you increase sales, reduce returns and create happy, loyal customers. 

Be there for your customers when they need it!

Your customers are already in your store! They’re looking to buy something!

If your customers need help or advice, you will now be available face to face. Maybe they’re having trouble deciding between a few options? Do they need advice on what to get to solve their problem? Maybe they are just having trouble finding what they’re looking for. Now they can reach out and access your "shop assistant" face to face by clicking on the VClerk widget in the corner.

How to connect to the VClerk Widget.

  1. When your customer clicks the VClerk Widget, it will expand and explain how it works.

  2. As soon as the customer accepts the Privacy Policy, it starts the connection.

  3. The customer is prompted to allow VClerk to access their mic and camera.

  4. The VClerk Widget will then preview the video feed and it will allow the customer to turn off their mic and/or camera if they like.

  5. The customer is now placed in your store’s queue, which automatically allocates them to the first available VClerk.

  6. Once the VClerk is ready to connect, the customer is notified with an alert. 

  7. The VClerk Widget expands further and shows the VClerk's video feed and...

  8. Curated products relevant to what the customer has been viewing on the site are showcased in the Widget, including one highlighted product with images and details.

Here is a short demonstration of the customer VClerk view: 

The VClerk Dashboard is your superpower.


Before you’re connected face to face with your customer, your dashboard automatically populates 3 products into the VClerk Widget based on what they’ve been viewing.  When you connect, these products will be visible, and the customer will explain what they need, what they’re looking for or what problem they’re having. Easily search the product catalogue, add up to 5 products to highlight, and choose which one to showcase for the customer.

Here's a quick look at the how the VClerk Dashboard works:

Drive Conversation!

Getting the conversation started is easy.  Exploring the products with your customers is a breeze.  Simply search your product catalog for the products you want to present to the customer and click to highlight them.

On your dashboard, you also see a similar view to the widget and can interact with it to drive the conversation:

  • Showcase individual products

  • Change photos

  • Access product specifications and descriptions

  • See what the customer adds to cart


Both you and your customers' actions are reflected in each other's views. Talk about products just like you’re standing next to each other in the store, except neither of you has to be there and you have all the info you need at your fingertips.

This shows how your actions on the dashboard are reflected in the widget:

Close the Sale!

After exploring your customer’s options, answered all their questions and they’re ready to checkout, they can add to cart right from the call. You can see all the items they’ve placed in their cart on your dashboard.  To close the call, confirm they have all the info about shipping and payment options they need. Once they’re all set, they close the conversation and are taken to the existing checkout process, ready to pay.

Add VClerk to Your Shopify Store!

VClerk is up and running in minutes! Start increasing your conversion, reducing returns and driving growth. Make online shopping human.


Install VClerk from the Shopify App Store or directly from your Shopify Apps Panel.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

VClerk as a solution was inspired by the challenges facing the world as it locked down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to create something that would easily let you serve your customers and help them get the products they want while you’re both stuck, and safe, at home. If your business has been effected by this crisis, please contact us about extended free trials at support@vclerk.com




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