User Manual

How does VClerk work, exactly?​ 

Thank you for downloading VClerk, and if you didn't yet, just click here and come back when it's done.

It only takes a couple of minutes. Below we will explain the features VClerk offers and how it will help you increase sales, reduce returns and create happy, loyal customers. If you need a step by step overview check out our Knowledge Center

You Just Downloaded VClerk, Now What?

If you have colleagues who will be serving your customers, start by inviting them to their own VClerk accounts. 

Next step is to add your name and upload a photo to personalize your button. We also recommend that you personalize the messaging. You can tailor the message to fit different pages on your website to correspond with a product or an offer. 

These actions dramatically increases trust - and trust is the one commodity e-tailers struggle with the most.

Check out the video below or our step by step guide to on  How to Add a User and How to Customize your Widget

How to add a user  

How to add a photo to your VClerk Button 

How Your Customers Connect with the VClerk.

​When the Shopper clicks the VClerk Button, it expands to explain how it works, and provide a link to our Privacy Policy.

As soon as the Shopper clicks ‘Start Call’, they are prompted to allow VClerk to access their mic and camera (they have to accept this, if not VClerk will not work) however they can turn off their mic and/or camera any time. 

They are then entered into the queue where they see a preview of their video feed.


The queue works like a regular queue. The Shopper can see their place in line and are automatically connected to the first available VClerk. Once connected, the Shopper meets the VClerk and is presented with latest product they viewed on a product page.

Here’s a short clip of the VClerk connecting to a Shopper:

Connecting to a Shopper

The VClerk Dashboard is your superpower.

Once the call starts, it’s just like an interaction you’d have in a physical store. You just say ‘Hi, my name is..., how can I help you?’, or something similar, and the Shopper explains what they need. You easily search the product catalogue, add products to the Showroom, and choose which one to Showcase.​ Here's a quick look at the how to curate your products:

How to manage the VClerk Dashboard

Get Your Customer Engaged.

One of the most powerful features VClerk offers is that you and your customer share views of product images. Both you and the Shopper can take a product from the Showroom, send it to the Showcase and scroll through the images. Your actions are reflected in each other's views. Talk about your products just like you’re standing next to the Shopper in a store. Research shows that conversation switching is highly correlated with increasing sales, so make sure you let them know they can scroll through images and switch between products, as well.  

Close the Sale!

Your customer can add to cart during the call and you can view their cart at any time on your dashboard. You can also add the Shoppers name, contact information and create notes during the call. This information will automatically be available next time they call you on the VClerk. To close the sale, make sure you confirm they have all relevant info about shipping and payment options, then sign off like you would any other call. As the shopper hang up they can choose to continue shopping or proceed to checkout, ready to pay. Here’s a quick look:

How to close the sale!