Shopper Experience 

VClerk ensures high-quality face to face customer service even on mobile! 


When the shopper enters your site and VClerk is activated on your end, they will see a button at the bottom of the screen. Once clicked, the VClerk widget opens up inside your store with a unique queue process notifying the shopper of their estimated wait time and queue number. Once connected, the shopper will be presented with products they were previously observing, with additional room to show product recommendations throughout the call. The shopper experience is tailored to have assistance through the full online shopping process, so you can still be answering questions while the shopper is adding items to the cart!

One Click Install

No Integrations 

No Extra Equipment 

No Hidden Cost 

Happy Customers 

Merchant Experience 


​Guide the customer through the purchasing journey using VClerk’s intuitive dashboard. 

  • Search your product catalogue with ease. 

  • Curate products specifically for individual shoppers, make recommendations, and suggest complimentary items based on that customer’s needs.

  • Encourage up-sales and additional sales 

  • Create trust and quality connections with your customers. 



per month

30 day free trial

1000 minutes

$0.025 per additional minute



per month

30 day free trial

3000 minutes

$0.015 per additional minute



per month

30 day free trial

10000 minutes

$0.015 per additional minute